Partnerships for living fully

"The unexamined life is not worth living." ​(Socrates)

There are times in our lives where we feel the need to look again at where we have journeyed, and find new ways of moving forward.  This sometimes comes at a time of crisis, or at a significant transition in one's life.  

Some people do this exploration through talk therapy.  Sometimes talking becomes too emotional for them.  The use of expressive arts often allows you to step back and look at events from a different perspective.  This can often provide a relief from emotions that feel overwhelming.

Using modalities of dance or movement and reflection, you will find the ability to re-examine patterns, explore relationships, or try out new ways of being.  Our bodies and our minds co-exist.  What happens to our bodies affects our psychological and spiritual health. Likewise, our psychological and spiritual health is reflected in our bodies.  Working on one aspect of our being will make differences in the others.  As well, to move is to rediscover play and allow ourselves to invest in humour, authenticity, and experimentation, freeing us to live more fully and intentionally.

The intention at Therapy Explorations is to provide a safe, respectful place in which to make your personal journey, and a therapist who witnesses your progress, and walks alongside you during this period of reflection.

"Come!  Dance!!"

​                        AG

Self explorations

"I want to move more fluidly, to love my body.  I want to feel worthy."


"I want to dance!"


"I want to figure out better boundaries so that I stop being side-swiped so often, and stop "feeling victimized.                                       DS

We fall down; we get up.