Partnerships for living fully

Northumbria Community Weekends: - Those interested in exploring a time of sharing around Celtic Christian Spirituality are invited to participate in up-coming weekend.  

Currently plans are in the works for workshops in:

- Canada - Easter Workshop on Vancouver Island - Spring 2019

​- New Zealand - NC weekend retreat January 2019

​India:  ​Diane and her husband head to India in January 2017, to do workshops with teachers at the STEP International school, and use their gifts with after school programs for children from the area around Odisha.  

Group sessions: Groups will be run when there are an adequate number of participants ready to register for a 6-10 week session - usually 6-10 participants.

    - Facing the Fear : Living in spite of it!  - for children, and/or adults with anxiety; learning techniques to offset the jitters and free you to embrace all of life fully.

      - My body in space: - for children with coordination and motor planning challenges.

      - Food Explorations: - for children with food sensitivities and limited preferences to explore a new way of approaching food.  

Food Explorations!

Children (5-6 years old) who have limited food preferences, for a variety of reasons, are invited to bring a parent to do food explorations. This group will be modelled on the Sequential Oral Sensory approach (SOS), which encourages children through play and curiosity to engage with food in new ways.  The group will run on Tuesdays, October 2nd to December 4th, 2018.  To register, email