Partnerships for living fully


​​"The body never lies." Trudy Schoop, 1974.   Using movement exploration can be a window to insight and change in our ways of responding to our environments.  It can also lead to new ways of being and expressing ourselves with others.

Therapy may be ​provided individually  or by coac​hing you in following a mutually agreed upon plan. Should your goals be best met in the local swimming pool, your own home, or another community facility, we will do our best to accommodate your preferences. 

​​Whether for school, or home, OT is able to explore with you the barriers to fully functioning and plan or seek solutions that allow for fuller ability to function.


​Diane Hobelaid, B.Sc.(OT), GCR, DMT is an experienced occupational therapist, who has specific training in a variety of specialist skills.  She is a trained Dance/Movement Therapist.  She has taken training in Listening Therapy applications, and screening for Irlen syndrome.  Her experience has embraced all aspects of pediatric and adult community based care, including assessments, providing equipment, and treatment modalities such as NDT, sensory integrative therapy, feeding and swallowing interventions, educational interventions, splinting, dance/movement therapy, and using expressive arts.  She embraces the opportunities to do both individual and group work.  Diane has taught at the University Level, as well as community workshops on various aspects of occupational therapy, dance as a therapeutic modality and as a tool for worship. In addition she has taught and worked internationally as both an OT and a DMT. 


​​Informative presentations on:

  •  lifespan  development interests
  •   functioning in school      environments for the  special needs child
  •   dance and ministry
  •   dance/movement as a  therapeutic modality
  •   occupational therapy

Therapy Explorations .Partnerships for living fully

Welcome to Therapy Explorations

​​Living fully involves discovery of yourself as a unique human being and a member of a community.  It involves having a meaningful role to play in that community, and the ability to express your own thoughts and feelings,

whether it be within the family, or to those beyond.  Experiencing life fully means being able to interact with others, and your environment meaningfully, a delicate dance of perception, processing, and the ability to respond to life as it comes.  Therapy Explorations provides a partnership through occupational therapy and/or dance/movement therapy services to explore, adapt, express, and move towards being able to be the best that you can be within your world, and the challenges it presents to you. 


Partnerships in Living Fully